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2018-2019 New Horizons Calendars

Revised calendars for the 2018-2019 school year can be found using the link below. Calendars

admin November 30, 2018 3:00pm

2016-2017 Special Education Calendar

The 2016-2017 Special Education Calendar is available at the link below.

2016-2017 Special Education Calendar

admin July 18, 2016 10:19am

PBIS Locations for SELC

The PBIS app has been updated to use location names for the new special education building.

If you do not see the new locations, please refresh your browser once you have opened the New Record page within PBIS.

admin March 2, 2016 8:24pm

Accessing Secure Sites (HTTPS)

A recent upgrade to our filtering software may cause issues when attempting to access sites via HTTPS.

If you are having issues accessing sites using HTTPS, please install the Untangle SSL Certificate using the link below.

The link will prompt you to download a file (installCert.bat). Choose to Open or Run the file, and the certificate should install.

Install Untangle SSL Certificate

admin July 20, 2015 9:36am

Yahoo & Other Search Engines

Access to Yahoo and other search engines is now blocked. All users must use Google to perform web searches while on the New Horizons network.

Attempts to load search engines using a secure connection (HTTPS) will result in a dropped connection, which will cause your browser to show a "Cannot connect" or "Connection reset" message.

admin May 22, 2015 11:30am

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